Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is right time to invest in Indian

Indian economic scenario is better as compared to rest of the world due to GDP and few reasons which are as follows:

1. India is agriculture based country and Government is giving full concentration in its growth rate because food plays prime role for strengthening economy.

2. Government is focusing on infrastructure because smooth connectivity assures better transportation, reduced expenditure, time saving, new & old different resource development and all of these works help in generating employment.

3. Government policies are helping in controlling loan rates which are focused for Industrial production, reality sector, export & import and normal man for betterment purpose.

4. Various checks have been measured for safe guards of banking and financial sectors.

5. Better educational opportunities with or without support along with help to farmers and poor population are main focused areas for revival.

6. Public Private Partnership will help to improve economy.

7. Further disinvestment in PSU's during FY 2010-11 may speed up recovery in economy.8. Government efforts to reduce fiscal deficit towards 5.5 during FY 2010-11as per our previous estimation.

9. Indian GDP may be around 8.5-9.5 during FY 2010-11as per our previous estimation.

10. Remarkable production in Wheat crop and Pulses will be observed.

11. Better mansoon is expected during June –August period which will be better for better rice and cane production.

12. Government may take interest for more rain water harvesting in different states of India.

13. Crude oil may not increase above $100 in near future and after July onwards it may start decline towards $50-40 as stated earlier.

14. Dollar may decline towards 42-40 as compared to Indian currency in near future and current declining towards 45 is visible as informed earlier.

15. Yen currency will depreciate in near future towards 95-115 as compared to US Dollar. Es informed earlier.

Indian Export will increase in Food & Beverages, Bar coding, Steel & Copper, Mining (Iron ore), Textile Fabrics, Readymade Garments, Auto & Pharmaceutical (Small Growth may be observed better than previous year), Handicraft and Oil etc. related products. Export will be better than previous year. PSU's, Mining, Infrastructure, Banking, FMCG (Food & Beverages), Metals, Power (electricity production and equipments e.g. Transformers) , Oil, Consumer durables and Auto sectors look attractive for last quarter of FY 2009-10 and FY 2010-11.