Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love Dove this Diwali

I have used Dove products and want to share my experience with you all in the form of small poem
Which shows why I love Dove hair care

Growing stronger days to years,
your caress posses my tears.

Sharing, caring we both know,
takes a lifetime, love to grow.

Closer ever, each confide,
soft whisper, posses my ears.

Decades later, still love’s dove,
lifetime affords one great love.

Years of love have floated by,
your touch only… makes me fly

It only shows little and one aspect of Dove care product
Use it and you will fall in love with Dove


  1. great take, very well penned. best wishes.

  2. good poem......
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  3. I want to clarify, the poem is not written by me, I foud the same very much identical and fit to situation hence opted to present heare.

  4. @GamingGarage:Well written poem,all d best.
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