Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MF Finace files for Banruptcy

Corzine wants to transform MF Global into a midsize investment bank and increases the risk on Europe debt, putting Question mark on him?? A Democrat, Corzine is among the biggest fundraisers for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Bankruptcy once again haunted US Market as MF Global finance seeking shelter under chapter 11. This is eighth largest bankruptcy file in USA

Based on MF Global’s disclosed assets in its bankruptcy filing, it is likely to slot in just ahead of Chrysler as the eighth-largest U.S. bankruptcy.

1) Lehman Brothers Holdings, September 2008: $691 billion in assets

2) Washington Mutual, September 2008: $327.9 billion

3) WorldCom, July 2002: $103.9 billion

4) General Motors, June 2009: $91 billion

5) CIT Group, November 2009: $80.4 billion

6) Enron, 2001: $65.5 billion

7) Conseco, 2002: $61.4 billion

MF Global: $41 billion (as of Sept. 30)

8) Chrysler April, 2009: $39.3 billion

9) Thornburg Mortgage May, 2009: $36.5 billion

10) Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 2001: $36.15 billion

Source: BankruptcyData.com; SEC filings for MF Global asset size

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