Monday, November 28, 2011

Option Trade Book November 28, 2011

My Aim to write this article is to show my readers that today we did not missed opportunity to cut big profit margin but it is correct strategy to safeguard your capital first and sit comfortably riding Nifty.

Today Learning: once you safeguard your brokerage then make sure little profit. We missed opportunity for higher profit as our call 4800 high was 181.00 and it was not weak when we placed stoploss at 158.00 it should be remain on 155.00

We gave buy call of Nifty option Call @4800 at 150.00 for a target of 165.00. While it was coming back from 161.00 we improve our stoploss from 155.00 to 158.00 (which was a tactical mistake) and it triggered. Our call not only achieve our target but move past 180.00

Be happy we are making positive progress daily. Do not waste your time on crying for missed opportunity.

But be happy for the fact that "Market is not going anywhere, it will remain there all the time, with more opportunity tomorrow."

Our call details: Day 1, Day 2

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