Friday, December 16, 2011

Learning Together

Today, the day I was waiting for, it was not a flick. We were creating this opportunity since November 22, 2011. We learn together

  1. Trade with patience
  2. Importance of stoploss
  3. Risk of trading with more than 50% of your capital
  4. How to control/manage your brain
I will continue giving this update on intraday/EOD basis. We seen together the time when we lost all our gain and went to negative. Then suddenly I invested all funds in one trade (there was huge risk involved) and I will certainly avoid such risk in future.
Sometimes we get emotional and trying to average our option which is a strict no no (still we all are human). We need to manage our emotion with a business mind, so that it should not effect our financial health.

Yesterday I was very positive might be because of my own previous experience and temperament. But I change my bullish mindset as soon RBI meeting outcome reveled and then trade with open mind setup again.

I do not want to blown today's success out of proportion, keep it as it is and learn and trade with NIFTYMAMA

Happy trading....

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