Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Rally Hit US, ho ho ho .... !!

At least US Market is suggesting the same. Currently it is 2.42% up. So Bulls are coming back to celebrate Christmas with us, ho ho ho ho ho....!!
Our position is still open for tomorrow and I hope to book profit at double again. at the time of call I made it clear that this particular call is for 1-2 days and also allow conservative trader to put stop loss at 115.00. But I was believing that Nifty will continue upmove from 4506 level which was quite right till 4600. Suddenly table turn and Nifty started sliding. I was expecting anything like that, and hence advised to average in low around 4520. But it was not materialised as next buying price was 95.00. So at the end we have open position of 4 lot stike 4500 @ 130.00. Hope to book great profit again.

Happy Trading

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