Tuesday, August 18, 2015

G M Breweries - Reco Date Aug 18, 2015

G.M. Breweries Ltd. engages in the manufacturing and marketing of alcoholic beverages such as country liquor and Indian made foreign liquor. It offers its products primarily under the brand names G.M.Santra, G.M.Doctor, G.M.Limbu Punch, and G.M.Dilbahar Sounf. The company was founded by Jimmy William Almeida in 1981 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India

My reason to write something about G M Breweries to capture the movement of a script price when it comes out of trading range.

Do not confuse with desi brand names like Limbu and Santra. These are Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL) which has grown with 10% CAGR after 2010 compared to India Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). Thanks to improved quality and rising price of IMFL brands due to higher tax. Might be "Make In India" campaign will add only in favour to this northward march.

Country made liquor often though of having more alcohol content than IMFL but the truth is opposite. IMIL has around 30 to 36 % of alcohol content compared to 42.8 % in IMFL across country. The feeling is IMIL put you on high quickly but the fact is IMIL often been taken without water or soda.

My pick for this Desi Company is more technical than fundamental. G M Breweries has just cross long consolidation of almost 9 years with very high volume. I am expecting 600+ levels till year end.

image source: www.adageindia.in


  1. Dear Nifty Mama,

    How you define 'consolidation'?

    Last year in Dec it was quoting only 90-100 range... has already gone up by 400% in just ONE year...

    Real Technical break-out ABOVE 135/- happened in July 2015....

    Will surely watch your TIP but without investing in it....



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  2. Hi Ajay...

    You are right going by text book consolidation definition. I should have been used probably break out from historical price band. Similar range can be found in Tata Coffee and Take Solution also.

    I see Bharti Airtel in same category.

    My target seems superficial going by short term break out. But once we observer the long time history, there seems a lot to run.


  3. We achieved our target, GM made a high of 825. Now remain in this trade only if you are a value investor.