Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence day

15th August arrives yet again and it’s a day we celebrate with gusto shedding all our inhibitions. It was on this day that India broke free from the shackles of British rule and attained complete independence. The uncompromising attitude of our forefathers to British imperialism, bought us our birth right to live free on our land-India. They laid the foundations of our economic development by means of an all-inclusive multi-purpose planning. What have we built upon it but the virtual vine-yard of corruption? It’s time we accepted our own failings and flaws and not blame it on the Indian Government. We must be aware that we’re equally responsible for the state our country is in before celebrating its independent existence.

31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
& 1 Country!
Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day………

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