Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Option Trading Tip December 14, 2011

Buy 16 lot of Call Option 4700 contract @ 130.00, No Stop loss as a bounce is technically due.
We will carry forward our position as jump is sure.

4700 Put added 600000 in OI and also total OI for 4700 Put has crossed 9,000,000

We should buy Call 4700 now at 160.00 Please change previous buy price to 160.oo now
and keep for two days, for handsome return, enjoy.

We will use all our funds hence it will be 16 lot


  1. 47000 put OI has increased to more than 850,000 now. It means market is technically very bullish at 47000 and traders do not see Nifty below this level in near future.

    Do not book profit today. Keep for two days. Rupees getting weak and there is strong chance of rate reduction by RBI to keep rupees in control and also to boost growth policies.

  2. Our Call of 4700 option strik price is trading at 190. Enjoy, we will squire off our position above 200.00 hurry. squire off call will be given tomorrow

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