Friday, February 3, 2012

Use Gann to Target Nifty

I am continuously finding Gann as very very important tool to target higher level of Nifty. Specially when you are not sure what should be the high or low of current rally.
It happen many a times that we know target very easily by drawing different resistance and support, based on weekly, daily, hourly or even monthly level. But there might be chances of error because we often use one or two time line to draw resistance or support.
Gann gives you advantage over normal level decider as it is free from any trend or previous performance of any level. It is free from historic trend. It never gets biased also.
I am still doing my research and found it very rewarding with low risk.
  1. Decide the trend
  2. Set target in trend direction
  3. Put stoploss on lower Gann level
  4. Keep on improving stoploss on higher Gann level