Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bernanke's Dogs

Mr Pavlov knew that a common natural response for a dog that is about to be fed was to salivate, as we can see in Fig 1 in the chart above; and furthermore he also knew that various "stimulants" like ringing of the bell or blowing of a whistle did not create the same response (Fig 2). However, what Mr Pavlov discovered back in his day, was the fact that if a stimulant was constantly introduced while the dog was fed food (Fig 3), it would be conditioned to remember that specific stimulant (Fig 4) and start salivating even without the presence of food itself. It was a huge break through back in his day. Eventually, Mr Pavlov discovered that the dogs salivated as much to a stimulant (whistle, bell, noise) as to food itself, as they were trained and conditioned to do so
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