Thursday, December 8, 2016

Different types of Brokerage Calculators

Share investment cannot be done directly in India and therefore you need a few brokers in between who facilitate your investment across various sectors of the stock market. All these stock broking firms charge you a certain price for the trading that you do through them and this price is known as brokerage. The brokerage varies depending upon the type of investment, i.e. if you are investing in shares, commodities or forex, and also on the duration of the investment, i.e. intraday or future trading. These differences can create confusions amongst the investors and to sort the process for them, various types of online brokerage calculators have been designed. Take a look at some of these calculators discussed below.
Ø  Commodity calculator
Commodities altogether is a different sector of the stock market where trade deals are made in various metals, crude oil, agricultural grains, etc. Also since these trade orders are placed through a broker, they charge you a certain amount of brokerage that can be calculated through a commodity brokerage calculator. There are various fields like the commodity of commodity exchange in India that you have to trade in, the buying and selling price, brokerage charged and quantity of the commodity purchased. As soon as you enter the details and select your location related details, a chart with calculated brokerage and all the taxes levied would be presented to you.
Ø  Currency brokerage calculator
Just like the commodity trading brokerage calculator, the fields in forex calculator are also kind of similar and this is used to calculate the brokerage that you’d be charged when you trade in different currencies. As soon as you enter the details, you’d be presented with a figure which would tell you if you have made a profit or loss on your investment.
Ø  Stock trading calculators
You can trade stocks in different ways and therefore the brokerage that will be charged to you across all these areas like Indian MCX would differ from the other in some way. Since all these calculators are differently known and work differently as well, take a look at these discussed below.
o   Equity trading
Here in equity trading, the calculator can be further classified into two types, one is on the intraday basis and the other is delivery basis. For all those people who buy and sell the equity on the same day, the brokerage is calculated using a brokerage calculator designed especially for this type of trading. You have to enter the general details like purchase and selling rates, quantity of shares bought, brokerage charged, etc. and then you get a detailed list of money that you have been charged with. This includes the taxes as well.
o   F&O
Just like the above mentioned equity, F&O too is traded on the areas like futures and options separately and there are separate calculators for both of these. As a general procedure, you are asked to enter the general details and everything else would be calculated in no time and presented to you.
Apart from these general calculators, you’d also find a few like dividend calculator, calculators for bond value calculation, etc.

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