Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NAV Calculator for your portfolio

Have you ever wondered how to compare your portfolio return against nifty on daily basis.

We often come across comparison where fund houses luring investors with their return comparing against Nifty or other benchmark index.

such comparison on one hand give an insight on how well one portfolio is doing against benchmark and on the other hand give an opportunity to challenge your limit to push for higher return.

I have created one such tool on EXCEL which you can use to create your own NAV Calculator.

Let me explain how to use the same.........

Date:         Put the date on which values are being recorded
Nifty:        Put nifty level as of the corresponding date

MCap:       Market Capitalization
Column with name ending MCap is current value of your portfolio. One need to record on regular interval. It is not mandatory to record the details on daily basis but it is recommended for better result.

Cap:         Capital Employed
Column with name ending Cap is total investment. Not current value.

DIV:        Dividend received

Two set has been provided for two different portfolio if you want to use.

After putting all the values one need to draw the chart, you can drag the selection to capture current value and you are done.

Note: Will explain in new post, how it has been calculated. Also, this tracker is may not fulfilling all the criteria of Index management.