Thursday, December 1, 2011

Option Trading Strategy Dec 1, 2011

Buy 4 lot Put Nifty 5000 @127.00 with high stop loss of 90.00 as volatility is high. for a target of 150.00


  1. We can safly improve our stop loss to 113 now as today's low is 114.00 and market is moving in our direction.

  2. Our target has achieved at 152.00

    Total profit till now, 150.00-127.00=23*200=4600.00

    Brave hearts may trade one more for the same put of 5000 @ 140.00 for a target of 158.00. or carry forward for tomorrow.

    But I am closing my trade for the day as one trade is sufficient and we have already booked good profit. so enjoy.

  3. @bravehearts: 4920 is producing strong support however 20EMA is continuously declining hence one may expect and assume that Nifty has tired now and upmove is very slow.

    So be careful if you have made any position.