Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bulls are back!! yes it is!!

Earlier I publish a blog with similar title: Bulls are back!! is it true?? where in I was in doubt, cautious and looking for some more confirmation.
Today I can say, yes, bulls are back. It might prove super bull. Nifty has already closed above 5000 and above 200 SMA, i.e 5200. both are very important. physiological level and now Nifty is trading firmly beyond 5300.
Yes, I am still waiting for much awaited correction, which will not of that previous expected intensity, but it would be a healthy one.

If you have still any doubt, please have a look at longer term oscillator and indicators, if you believe in it
I am sure it would be an eye opening for you, and this may change your bearish view......!!

Download this chart to view in bigger size
  1. Longer term outlook: Fairly Bullish
  2. Short term outlook: Healthy correction is due for minimum 2 to 3 weeks
Do not miss the train this time, as many missed during March - April 2009. Do not give full credit to Congress government only who won the election in May 2009. Bull was started it's northward journey two months back after fair consolidation. Is UP election has to do something this time?
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