Friday, July 27, 2012

ATR Calculation @ Nilesh Deshpande

 I was waiting for 5065 to be broken as it was yesterday's close (5110 - 57*0.8) where 57 is ATR at yesterday's close.

Normally in absence any adverse conditions, this range of previous close - ATR *0.8 holds as lows and highs.

Once the range breaks on either side, the day's extreme, (in today's case the DH) minus the ATR *1.5 is the next logical stop.

In case of a upwards break out, this becomes DL +ATR * 1.5

ATR works on most days, but not on all days.

My formula is simple.

PC-ATR*.80 to PC-ATR*0.50 Buy Zone

PC+ATR*0.50 to PC+ATR*0.80 Sell Zone

where PC is previous day's close.

Bears get weak near PC-ATR*0.50 to PC-ATR*0.75, but get charged up below PC-ATR*0.80 for a target of DH-1.5*ATR

Bulls get weak near PC+ATR*0.50 to PC+ATR*0.75, but get charged up above PC+ATR*0.80 for a target of DL+1.5ATR

where DH & DL are current days High & Low respectively.

Gives out better results when used with ADX for determining whether this is a trending or a sideways market.