Tuesday, February 10, 2015

AAP ki Sarkar Niftyji ke Saath

05:37 pm: Final results declared, AAP wins 67, BJP settles with 3.

Arvind: पिछली बार एग्जिट पोल्स ने २ का अनुमान लगाया तो २८ आये. इस बार ४० सीटें दे रहे हैं तो सोचिये कितनी आयींगी.

Today at 5:37 PM, it proved Arvind was right in speculating more than 95% seats (at least by putting some guess material to us)

Is it equally achhe din for our Share Market too?

Time will tell, how it will turn up. The same market showing nervousness, yesterday after Exit Polls report, come back strongly to close 39 points up. A positive macro-outlook also helped the market ended the day in green, brokers said.

It seems Delhiites are being poured with Achhe din, first landslide victory for BJP in center. Now history has been re-written by Arvind win.

Let's wait patiently to witness if results are being converted to aache din for AAM Investors or it need more elections.

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